UpCloud Status / Live Migration of SG-SIN1 data centre

Posted Mon, 05 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 THIS IS A SCHEDULED EVENT Dec 5 , 2022 , 00:00 UTC  -  Feb 1 , 2023 , 00:59 UTC Nov 30 , 13:10 UTC Scheduled - Dear Customer, We're about to commence a live migration of our SG-SIN1 availability zone to a new data centre in Singapore. We're required to undertake this rather unusual task, since there is no possibility to expand our business in Singapore any further with our current data centre provider. The new data centre operator will allow us to grow our rack space footprint immensely, while providing us overall improved service quality, security and connectivity options. We will be moving all of our customers to Equinix's flag-ship SG5 data centre in Singapore. The migration will begin on Monday, December 5, 2022 with expected completion latest by January 31, 2023. During the migration, your cloud server may lose network connectivity for a brief moment (15-300 seconds) and you might see slightly degraded performance with storage speed while your server is being migrated. During the migration of the physical block storage backup servers, you might not be able to access some of the backups, so restoring will be interrupted for not longer than a few hours. The migration will not cause any data loss or any other loss of service. As the schedule is rolling, we cannot estimate when a specific cloud server will be migrated or when the migration is entirely completed, but we will update this status page whenever we have any news to share. Feel free to contact via 24/7 chat in the Hub or email to support@upcloud.com should you have any questions or need of assistance. The live migration will be conducted in the same manner as we have done previously in some of our other availability zones. The process has proven to be reliable, stable and unobtrusive and we're confident that the migration won't cause any significant changes to the normal level of our operation.
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