UpCloud Status / [FI-HEL1]: Scheduled migration

Posted Tue, 24 Apr 2018 14:00:49 +0000 Apr 24, 14:00 UTC Update - Our engineers have been hard at work with the migration of cloud servers to the new data centre. In less than a week, we have already migrated more than a third of the cloud servers located in FI-HEL1. The migration has progressed without a hitch and according to schedule. As we are migrating cloud servers on a rolling basis, it is unfortunately not possible to determine when a specific cloud server will be migrated. We will continue to update this status page as we progress. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Apr 19, 20:00 UTC In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary. Apr 18, 13:18 UTC Scheduled - We will shortly begin a significant infrastructural update, which includes the migration of our FI-HEL1 datacenter in Helsinki, Finland, to a new location starting tomorrow evening: 2018-04-19 at 20:00 UTC. We have had a great experience with our FI-HEL2 operator in Finland and we are moving our FI-HEL1 data centre to the same physical data centre, but a completely separated and redundant physical part of the larger data centre. This means that FI-HEL1 and FI-HEL2 continue to be under redundant and separate electricity and cooling systems, for example, not to mention network connectivity. In the future, we plan to migrate FI-HEL2 to a new location in the capital region in Finland to add more geographical redundancy as well. This process has also been under planning for some time, as we want to continuously upgrade our capabilities and opportunities to serve our customers better. This new data centre is much better equipped to facilitate our growth, and our increasingly high demands for performance and reliability. It will completely replace our current FI-HEL1. We will therefore migrate all cloud servers in our current FI-HEL1 data centre to this new location. To make this migration seamless for our users, we are using the same technology that we successfully used in the migration of our London data centre in 2017. This approach allows migrations over long distances without affecting a cloud server's operational status. We only anticipate a brief (5-120 sec) network interruption during the actual migration but as an extra precaution, we will only schedule migrations during non-business hours. While we realise this is a major infrastructural event, we do not anticipate any issues with customers cloud servers based on our experiences with the London data centre migration. In London, we migrated several thousand cloud servers without any issues. However, we are always available for consultation if you have any questions. As the schedule is rolling, we cannot estimate when a specific cloud server will be migrated or when the migration is entirely completed. We will update this status page whenever we have any news to share. Please feel free to contact our 24/7 support staff should you have any questions or need of assistance: https://www.upcloud.com/company/contactus/
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